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i think i'll sleep instead

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you know, you know. <3 add me, foos.

let's have bizarre celebrations
I like it when songs come on that make me think of lauren + the glasses crew.
(that looks like a band name. <3)

especially this one. it was the first time the glasses crew hung together - lauren.

amber called me today. thirteenth yearrrr.

for the fourth of july, we sat on top of amadee's roof and watched the fireworks all arond us. then we went to chris' and swam. chris held my hand and took me into the deep end, then made me swim back by myself to show me that I could do it. and I did.

this whole eating unprocessed food only thing is sooo hard. but everybody seems to believe I can do it. except for my dad, but, you know how it goes.

I want:
a cucumber
a head of lettuce
wheat bread
soy milk

maybe I'll actually get a few of those things.

these next few days will be tiiiiight.

I really wanted to go to college today. sean, a.k.a. my prom date, said he's going to apply to csun, and I was like "you have no idea how perfect my life would be." because it would.

and kind of is.

I mean, besides the little things, but those things don't count, because thinking big picture here. I have
a good family
good friends
good times
good relationship with God, mostly.

so what bad could there be?

eta got a fo' on the ap english test. it says they send it to janet reinbolt at csun. I'd like to believe she is sitting there, going "I recognize that name," and realizing that I don't suck.

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hearts ex a billion
I loved sunday school this morning.
della telling me I'm pretty.
rob noticing I was back.
laughing with lacee and megan.
"watch out for the cockroach! or bug."
"church is about fashion... right? right? back me up on this."

thursday: jazzy's birthday par-tay
friday: p.l. meeting, marvin coming over, movie in the park
monday: summer school

summer is picking up, by golly.

i'm dying to find out
why do you jenny?
my brother just bought me something from the vending machines. of his own free will. with his own money. this plus the fact that he's coming to high school this year means that something good is coming, and hopefully that is us actually having a relationship. which just might start with me not being a bitch? yeah, maybe.

my goal for this month: update every day.

this past week has been:

the beach with gypsies
gypsies in the park!
"dee! lauren! whatsyourname! lizz! how are you!"
"down tuuu in a luleelurah"

sleeping over at amber's
walking around
laying in her grassy knoll
"there's popeye's chicken! right there!"
a billion more inside jokes within the first hour

my mom's birthday

today is my anniversary with amber. we've officially known each other for twelve years. this is the beginning of our thirteenth. it had better be good.

jazzy's birthday on thursday. peer leader meeting on friday. movie in the park on friday? we'll see.

dyeing my hair tonight! maybe it'll be redder this time.

I'm psyched.

la la la
no day but today
got 630s on my sat IIs in math I and biology. niiice.

five hours a few days ago, eight hours last night. what am I getting myself into? a week left to tell him before brandon takes drastic measures.

going to the beach. gypsy nationnnn <3

it rained last night for a few minutes, but it was enough, and it was beautifl. until some guy walked past my window at 12:30 in the morning and scared the crap out of me. victor said it was a witch, because it was the witching hour. well, obviously.

I miss

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who loves you baby?
man oh mannnn: hottiehottieboforrieboface?
man oh mannnn: ^FOTTIE
man oh mannnn: forrie is just silly
Miko859805: forrie is something I might never be able to define!
man oh mannnn: "what a drunken lincoln impersonator begins his speeches with"
Miko859805: ahahahaha
Miko859805: forrie orrie en sfen yer ga
man oh mannnn: "forrie scorrie and schfifty five years ago"
man oh mannnn: "our forefathers were sooo good to hear it."
man oh mannnn: "a nation founded on schwam, two and heif..."
Miko859805: BAHAHAHA
Miko859805: "Do you know what it shwaz??"
Miko859805: "It schwaz America"
man oh mannnn: <#!!
man oh mannnn: this is getting lj'd.

i'm gonna dance all night long
if all the stars were pretty babies
I've been thinking a lot lately, mostly about friends and good traits and things to worry about and boys and life, pretty much. a lot of conclusions have been made, a lot have been put off.

but I found out today that things take a lot less time if you just get them over with and do it, and tomorrow I'm going out shopping with three of the coolest girls ever like something I dreamed of in jr. high.

so, I've made it, I'm a person I can enjoy, but I also realized I have been for awhile.

thank you, Lord, for the big things, for the good things, but mostly for the small things.

oh, you beautiful doll
FROM: Sean
Hey Elizabeth. Just wanted to say hi. You're so crunk right now man.

FROM: Victor
SUBJECT: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Elizabeth
OOOOOOhhh man. i am a slut, you know me too well. toooo well...
It'll be awesome man, awesome! oyu me and sean leading the down the path of rightiousness and social and self developement!
it'll be a yellow road, like the colors of rotary.
a yellow brick road. you, sean and I hand in hand!
that has to be one of the funniest moments in my life. what if in one of our passed lives we lived together? as three dunces or bandits, like in a shakespear play or something who would try something and it would always end up in a comedy of errors. i can just picture it now.
we were, okay? friends in a past life. and i can't wait for those letters. make one out ot harvard!!
good night
sweet dreams

they made my day.

today is the first day of mini-band camp. this means I'll be meeting the new freshmen in my section, and I'll be re-assuming my section-leader-status over the low brass, and I still haven't picked out what to wear. this is obviously the worst part of it all.

I am nervous and excited and scared and happy and everything. I don't know why I pretend to hate band, but I do, because I can't stand it sometimes and it drives me mad and makes me want to commit suicide, but I couldn't live without it, just like I couldn't live without playing music or laughing or going to church or my friends or life.

I love re-connecting with so many of you on AIM.

I love life.

hearts ex a billion

you are all that I need
who loves you baby?
tonight was the crunkiest crunk that ever crunked.
(I wish that made sense.)

I always feel 193747x closer to anton after hanging out with him. and we did hang out a lot tonight.

"dear anton:
thanks for the rubbers. I am sure they will come in handy. literally.
love, me."

lauren is still the love of my life.
amadee is still the most amazing person ever.
chris is still the nicest asshole I know.


I miss Amber.
I miss Severina.
I miss Sarah.

still, there is nothing nicer than falling asleep to the garden state soundtrack. because zach braff is the genius extraordinaire.

and kenny rogers still holds the key to my heart.



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